Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter in Plains, Georgia
Jimmy Carter was photographed during a lull in a People Magazine interview with his wife Rosalynn who was writing a book about being First Lady. He mostly requested I not take his picture since our story was to be about Rosalynn's book, but of course I went right ahead whenever I could slip in a quick shot, and he let me photograph him jogging with Andrea, the People writer. He seemed impressed that she could keep up with him, and I was impressed that he had made the sofa he is seated on, and that he had helped my assistant and me carry in our cases of lights when we arrived.

It was pleasant being in their unpretentious home for a few days in spite of lots of men in blue windbreakers lurking about in the woods. We left on a Sunday, and after church the Carters met us for lunch at the Kountry Korner, one of their favorite spots in downtown Plains. I recall that Jimmy crumpled cornbread in his buttermilk as my grandfather had, and that he let me pick up the check.

For the record, I never got around to calling him Jimmy; it was always Mr. President, which seemed to suit us both.

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